What is this?
Wandering Ryo is a simple adult feminization collecting game. The game evolved from a series of images and thus is not too broad or deep, with a simple repetitive (but evolving) gameplay and simple art. The main idea was to create a 'dress up' game but with some story behind it, a certain level of player involvement, and control over how certain aspects of the story go. There are multiple 'endings' in the game, all unlockable within a single game completion.

How much time does it take to get 100% completion progress in the game?
Around 4-6 hours.

Subsequent rooms have contradicting requirements!
This was added to make the progression through the Club more diverse (and what I think realistic). So yes, expect a few rooms in the Club that seem to contradict the general mood (e.g. reverse cross-dressing in 'female' rooms).
The last (yellow) line in the Club is an exception as the rooms there are full of perverts people with various tastes, and most of the adjacent rooms have conflicting requirements. This line is the hardest to complete and its endings are expected to be opened later in the game.

The save system.
The game is saved when the player presses a bookmark icon in the navigation bar. In addition, auto-save is enabled by default (and can be disabled in the Settings tab). The game uses browser storage to save game data. The last save can be loaded by refreshing the page (or closing/reopening the browser tab).
The game state can be backed up by copying the backup string (text) from the Settings tab and later restored from that string (on any browser on any device).
In addition, at any moment of the game, a checkpoint may be created to later be loaded if needed.

The dialogues.
The game is more about collecting items and looks than about dialogues, so the text is not too deep and elaborate. That said, dialogues are probably the easiest thing to improve, so they can get richer with the next updates. (Let me know if you have ideas about improving this or that interaction).

The art.
I have chosen the flat-color style for its simplicity, as creating these images using tracing (which I mostly do) does not require too much artistic skill and time.

Updates and fixes.
At this point I consider the game pretty much completed. There is a list of new features that I would like to implement in the game, but due to lack of time, it is unlikely that there will be major updates to the game any time soon. Minor improvements and bug fixes will likely be done promptly after being reported.

The game has its F95zone thread.


At this point I consider the game pretty much completed. The features that I may work in the future include:

  • A more developed relationships model.

  • Piercing (ears, nose, lips, brows)
  • Tattoos (neck, shoulders, belly, legs)
  • Shoes

  • Something similar to a Photo Gallery
  • Room with evolving interior.

  • Character customization on the game start