About me

I am sort of an artist and used to create digital images (featuring feminization / shemales mainly) related to World Of Warcraft and various anime.
Last few years I was slowly and ocassionaly working on anime-styled feminization game which is now available for play (see below).

My main blog is https://hexoticas.blogspot.com/, but since Blogger requires being logged in to view the content, I put up this simple page to duplicate some information here.

Wandering Ryo - Details

Wandering Ryo is a simple feminization / collecting game which evolved from a series of images featuring male protagonist going through a series of body modifications.
The game is not very rich content-wise, but (I want to believe) has some good mechanics and decent replayability.
Note that due to long period of development, its ups and downs, the game has some inconsistencies in both art and storyline.
It is available online on https://hexoticas.com/wandering-ryo/game/. The development blog is https://wandering-ryo.blogspot.com/

Other old projects
Check my main blog.
Support (hosting, etc)
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